Thursday, March 06, 2003

Headache research. I have had an amazing headache for 3 days straight. I’m sure this is not a record, but I am getting annoyed by this. I have very frequent migraine headaches, but this is defiantly not one of those. Migraines usually wipe me out and leave me a mess. I initially though this was a crick in my neck from sleep, but that usually disappear after a day or two. Since work this week has doubled overnight, my guess is tension. It really sucks. Of course Mrs. Scarecrow says I need to sleep more…yeah right….

Monday, March 03, 2003

Finally made it back from the west coast. What an adventure my trip was. You might have heard about the ice storm that hit the southern US. Yeah, ran into it in Dallas. 7 HOUR LAYOVER!!! What do you do when you have a layover of this magnitude? Let’s have a run down (All Times are Dallas times):

12:30 – Plane touches down
1:30 – Actually get off plane and walk into terminal
1:45 – Get into line for McDonalds food
2:30 – Get food, yes it is cold, but I am so tired I just want to sit down
3:00 – find seat to eat
3:15 – Food gone, own to ready my book
4:30 – Kids next to me get into a fight over a Gameboy. Mother ends up banishing them to opposite ends of the bench. A massive sigh came from the crowd
5:00 – New Orleans flight boards, so I move to a seat next to a plug. In the airport hierarchy these are for laptop owners. That way you can plug in and “work”. Everyone working however was playing at least some type of game. I know I was
5:15 – Over hear guy trying to pick up girls. He kept talking about his large projection screens. Compensator…
5:40 – Plane finally starts loading, and there was much rejoicing
6:30 – Plane finishes refueling and starts to taxi away from gate. Lady next to me and me start to laugh because pilot says for the umpteenth time, “Ok folks, its going to be about five minutes…” Yeah, right
7:30 – Plane is deiced and we are actually taking off and guess what, I HATE ICE!!

SO my new though on moving to the great state of Texas is not until they improve their air travel system.

Oh and Chris...I'm back