Wednesday, March 19, 2003

"Nobody understands 12 year old girls quite like cattle ranchers" and the other 101 dumbest moments in business found here

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

“The point is always to do something quickly, because if you don’t, the other fellow will.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

With words such as these, 100 years ago our president led us into many great threats. As a country we came out unscathed. Now, our current president is leading the United States into an even greater threat then “Teddy” could have ever imagined. Now to point out, the Scarecrow is a pacifist, but I do love my country. This entire conflict has caused my great trauma. I have learned that I may disagree with the polices of the president, but I do respect the office and his decisions. President Bush may not have been even close to the kind of person I want running the country, but once a person ascends to the presidency, regards they represent America. Because of this you have to stand behind them in good times and in bad.

*steps off soap box

Monday, March 17, 2003

Finally Back

Sorry I have not updated anything for a while. I have been away on business and finally made it back. I do not believe I have mentioned this yet, but Mrs. Scarecrow and myself are expecting a little hayseed. She, and yes we already know it is a she, will be making her world premier in May. My world has now office become Babies-R-Us. Here’s a rundown of the weeks activities starting with this weekend:

Saturday – Tour of Hospital A in our area
Sunday – Day off. Went and saw Old School (FYI GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!)
Monday – Tour of Hospital B
Tuesday – Class 2 of 4 involving what to do when the baby gets here
Wednesday – Child Safety seat class (This one has to be a scam)
Thursday – Day off from work. But…tour of daycares in area possibly the Hayseed will attend

So as you can see; it’s all about the baby. No more Scarecrow stuff, no more guy stuff, just baby. Of course I am not sad about this, just taking longer to accept the truth about the situation.